A publishing company of drive and passion, Hans Media welcomes you.

Hans Media is a growing publisher just over a year old.
Though new, we are not undeveloped. Because we are young, we have vast plans, and a tremendous future awaits us.
During our first year we gathered remarkable success through our first published title, "The Morning Person," which brought attention and credence to Hans Media in the Korean publishing field, pushing us forward to expand our goals.

  Hans Media vows to walk the path of the true publisher.
We are dedicated to producing works full of educational, informational and cultural contents that readers always need and want.

Hans Media promises to remain a true enterprise.
We are determined to practice transparent management, to create an environment where both the company and the people can grow together, and to make value added contributions to society.

Hans Media will move ahead toward the global market.
We are committed to bringing the world's advanced knowledge and information to Korea, introducing Korea's sophisticated contents to the world, and to producing books that can be read and enjoyed around the globe.

We hope you will give Hans Media the opportunity to earn your trust and fulfill your high expectations with our drive and passion. Thank you.


Kim Gi Ok, CEO
Hans Media


2003 Jun: Hans Media founded
2003 Sep: First book <The Morning Person> published
2003 Nov: Hans Media converted to Hans Media, Inc.
2003 Dec: [Bomnamu][Hanerl Media] brand identities established
<The Morning Person> hits No. 1 on the combined bestseller list (remains No. 1 for ten consecutive weeks)
2004 Jan: <The Morning Person> selected as "Netizen's Choice 2003 Book of the Year"
2004 Feb: [Hanerl Media] first book <Kim Nam Joo, a Critical Biography> published
2004 Apr: [God's Win] established
2004 Jun: <The Morning Person> hits No. 1 on the combined bestseller list for the first half of 2004
2004 Jul: <The Morning Person> hits No. 1 on two categories of Kyobo Books' "Books that Power the Soul" list
2004 Sep: [God's Win] first book <Nobleman's Deceit > published
Total of 32 titles published as of Sep 2004


Though only a year old, Hans Media surges with innovative business ideas, passion, and drive. Expert professionals who bring more than en years of successful experiences in planning, editing, sales and marketing in Korea's major publishing companies manage Hans Media.

The first book published after the company was founded, "The Morning Person" became an enormous bestseller and created a wave in the Korean society, spreading a "morning syndrome" across the nation. Ever since, Hans Media has been publishing stimulating titles in the categories of business, practical reference, society, culture and more, and continues to grow rapidly. As a result of these efforts, Hans Media is drawing attention. Anticipated as the "most attention-grabbing publisher" of 2003 and 2004 within the publishing and retail book industries, Hans Media is expected to lead the future of publishing in Korea.

Hans Media holds brands that teem with experimental spirit and expertise, planning the future of publishing in Korea.

Deals mainly with subject matters around the controversial city Kwang Ju, with emphasis on discovering brilliant local content that harmonizes regional and universal themes. Based on the region's history, traditional culture and notable figures, these praiseworthy books leave deep impressions in the minds of Korean readers. "The Beautiful Southern Province," a series with a goal of 100 issues, "Kim Nam Joo, a Critical Biography," which explores the life and ideology of the famous resistance poet representative of modern Korea, and "Story of the Vast Vacant Room," which embraces the life of the rural ceramist Song Il Keun are some of the books enthusiastically published by Hanerl Media.

Publishes books for the general public on subjects including history, philosophy, culture and non-fiction. Special interest is on the works of young scholars who eliminate the boundary between humanism and natural science. God'sWin's excellent results reveal the planning expertise of Ko Se Kyu, who had been in charge of the planning department of Gimm-Young Publishers, Inc., Korea's top publisher of bestsellers. Starting with the publication of "Nobleman's Deceit," an issue-raising book that reveals the true political nature of the ever praised Chosun noble scholar or Sunbi in September 2004, two to three books will be published each month.

The finest children's books on subjects including Nature, Environment, Biology and Natural Sciences are in progress. The authors are top experts in each field, cooperating with teachers, parents and various educational organizations. The "Nature Picture Book" series, "The Kids' Science Book" series and the "Human Book" series are currently in progress and expected to be published beginning November 2004.

Discovery of Regionality
Instead of concentrating entirely on Korea's capital Seoul, Hans Media places emphasis on discovering regional contents. Hans Media has established a branch in Kwang Ju, and places effort in publishing the best writings on the region's distinguished figures, culture and history, and to spread the knowledge and inspiration of such books throughout the entire Korean society and the world.

Hans Media has also demonstrated excellent results in introducing foreign works to Korean readers. The main example of this is the sweeping success of the Japanese book "The Morning Person." Through our effective planning and marketing for Korean readers, the book generated over ten times more sales in Korea than it had in Japan. Hans Media will make continuous efforts to introduce the world's best publications to Korean readers. Hans Media has a growing vision of acquiring a global simultaneous publishing system through a close network with authoritative publishers worldwide such as the People's Publishing House in China. Currently, Hans Media is working toward harmonizing Northeast Asian readers by building diverse modes of network with the leading publishing companies of China, Japan and Taiwan.

<White Collar Sweatsho>
Jill Andresky Fraser
ISBN : 89-90785-08-1
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 344
<Going the Distance>
Kevin Kennedy
ISBN : 89-90785-12-X
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 372
<Fat Land>
Greg Critser
ISBN : 89-90785-23-5
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 348
<Nothing to Fear>
Alan Axelrod
ISBN : 89-90785-21-9
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 304
<Lifetime Management>
Lothar J. Seiwert, Brian Tracy
ISBN : 89-90785-13-8
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 208
<The 7 Habits of Successful Korean>
Jo Shin Young
ISBN : 89-90785-17-0
Format : 210x135mm
No. of Pages : 226
<The Mornig Person>
Hiroshi Saisho
ISBN : 89-90785-01-4
Format : 210x135mm
No. of Pages : 204
<Brag: The Art of Toothing Your Own horn Without Blowing It>
Peggy Klaus
ISBN : 89-90785-04-9
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 232
<How to Get Your Point Across in 30 seconds or less>
Milo O. Frank
ISBN : 89-90785-13-8
Format : 210x135mm
No. of Pages : 182
<Report of China's City Scene>
Lao Qiang
ISBN : 89-90785-22-7
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 322
<Kim Nam Joo, a Critical Biography>
Kang Dae Suk
ISBN : 89-91087-00-0
Format : 210x142mm
No. of Pages : 416
<Story of the Vast Vacant Room>
Song Il Keun
ISBN : 89-91087-01-9
Format : 215x144mm
No. of Pages : 206
<The Things They Carried>
Tim O' Brien
ISBN : 89-91087-02-7
Format : 215x144mm
No. of Pages : 352
<Flowers That Came to Me>
Kim Min Soo
ISBN : 89-91087-05-1
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 288

<A Truthful Woman Loves Better>
Lee Eun Mee
ISBN : 89-91319-04-1
Format : 224x152mm
No. of Pages : 344

<Nobleman's Deceit>
Park Seong Sun
ISBN : 89-91319-02-5
Format : 210x144mm
No. of Pages : 262
<What's Good For You is Also Good For Me>
An Chul Soo etc.
ISBN : 89-91319-01-7
Format : 210x142mm
No. of Pages : 348